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Top Reasons We Love Denver

Regardless as to whether you’re planning on visiting the Mile High City or if a relocation to Denver is in your future, we’re confident you’ll love the city as much as we do. From skiing and snowboarding, to hiking and mountain biking, we have it all.

If you’re curious as to some of the other things that make our city great, read on.

We have some of the best weather in the US

Most people think that a city in the Rockies would be brisk all year round.  This is definitely not the case. We’re not saying we don’t get a few brisk days in the winter, but for the most part, the year-round temp average flutters in the upper 50s. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this means that your favorite activity is likely within reach during every month of the year.

We also get four distinct seasons, which is an added bonus. Not everywhere in the US is lucky enough to see spring, summer, fall and winter. 

Everything is beautiful to look at

A few months ago, we met a woman who was visiting from Chicago. It was her first time in Colorado, and she couldn’t get over how breathtaking the views were. Every time she turned around, she said, she found herself stopping to take another picture. And this was just the view she was getting from the downtown area. We encouraged her to take some time and explore the mountains (and Red Rock Amphitheatre). We’re not sure if she had time to take us up on that suggestion, but we’re confident she’ll be back if she didn’t.

Did we mention the food?

Denver may not have its own iconic food item, in the way that New York has pizza or New Orleans has crawfish, but that’s mostly because we have everything. Denver is a city of transplants, which means we have restaurants that offer cuisine from all over the world. If you’re looking for Thai, we’ve got you covered. Do you want an order of naan and Indian curry? We can help with that too. We also have tacos, pizza, sushi and southern comfort food. It doesn’t matter what your palate is looking for. We’re confident we can help you find it.

Did we mention the beer?

The Mile High City is becoming a well-known hotspot for craft brews. At last count, the city had more than 70 breweries—and this isn’t including the ones that are outside of the Denver city limits.  The scene is growing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with all the new additions. If you’re someone who likes craft beer—or you’re planning on traveling with friends who love local brews, you’re sure to fall in love with Denver.

In closing Denver is awesome. There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. If you’re looking for a restaurant, a hotel, or you’re interested in looking into the craft brew scene, we encourage you to look around our website. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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