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Strange History and Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Denver Airport

When most people think about airports they think about arrivals, departures and overpriced food.
Airports generally don’t have a lot of history behind them—which is what makes the one in Denver so unique.
The airport was opened in late February 2015 and at the time it opened its doors, the $4.8 billion property was a whopping 16-months behind schedule.
Well, to start, a series of tunnels needed to be constructed on the site, before construction on the 1.5 million square foot terminal could begin. The tunnels, according to the designers, were to house the most technologically advanced baggage handling and rail system ever built.
That was delay number one.
The rest of the delays came after workers began working on the above ground portion of the project. Metalworkers organized a strike and as if that weren’t enough, there were the matters of design flaws and financial problems.
By the time it was all done, the Denver Airport was the largest landmass airport in the US, boasting nearly 33,460 acres. It’s also home to the longest runway in America—which spans 16,000 feet. That runway, which was constructed to allow for larger aircraft, is roughly 6,000 square feet longer than the runway at the previous airport.
Today, the Denver Airport serves roughly 40 million passengers each year, and it’s listed as being the fifth busiest airport in the US.

And now for the conspiracy theories

Now that you have some background, we thought we’d move onto the good stuff.
The running conspiracy theory, if you ask the people who subscribe to these types of things, is that the tunnels beneath the Denver International Airport once housed the New World Order HQ.
It’s also been theorized that the tunnels will be used to house political prisoners in the future, and that the US government is using them to perform electromagnetic experiments. The latter theory was birthed after the windshields of 14 aircraft either cracked or broke during the course of one single day.

Odd artwork

Yet the DIA conspiracy theories aren’t limited to the tunnels.
Some believe that one of the airport’s two large murals (which were painted by artist Leo Tanguma) contains a secret message from the New World Order and/or the Illuminati.
The painting, which is titled “The Children of the World Dream of Peace” is believed by some, to outline the eventual takeover of the world by these secret organizations. Tanguma has vehemently denied these claims, saying that outside sources did not dictate what he was to paint.

Strange words on the floor

There are three words that are carved into the floor throughout DIY. Some believe these words, “Dzit Dit Galli”, “Cochetopa” and “Sisnaajini” are either a secret code that’s used by the New World Order and/or Illuminati, or that they’re some sort of alien language.
Others have pointed out that the words were taken from the Navaho language, and translate to White Mountain, mountain pass and Black Mountain, respectively.

The final conspiracy theory

In the main terminal of the airport, there is a capstone that begins with the words “New World Airport Commission,” but while some claim the commission never existed, that rumor has been debunked. During its existence, the commission consisted of a group of business and civic leaders that held fundraisers and events during the time the airport was being built. They even attended the airport’s opening in 1995. says that they have never been able to obtain any solid proof that the airport is a secret military base, or that it’s being used as a test site for the US government. It also strongly disagrees that the tunnels are the underground HQ of any secret society.
But at the same time, there are still quite a few things that can’t be accounted for (cough, airplane windshields, cough.)
What do you think?

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